Online Fundraising

Online fundraising is a fast and secure way to raise additional funds for your School Run 4 Fun, School Spell-a-thon or Obstacle-a-thon Fundraiser. It is a major advancement in securing additional funds for schools, sporting clubs and early childhood centres.

Connect with family and friends in Australia and abroad by a simple click. We highly recommend using online fundraising.

Australian School Fun Run Record - Thornleigh West Public School raised over $45,000 with 550 students using our School Run 4 Fun Program.

“The Online Fundraising component certainly was an asset for families who didn’t have time to door knock. Having the instant payment option for online also made it easier for those who sponsored to pay for their sponsorship immediately. Just over 100 kids raised just over $16,000 with the online service - we were blown away!” Vanessa Erickson, Thornleigh West Public School.

Online fundraising is a common and popular means of securing funds by charities for fundraising events. This facility is now available for school, club and early childhood fundraising activities.

Online fundraising runs in conjunction with the standard sponsorship forms that we supply to your participants. It enables your participants to easily reach out to a much greater circle of potential donors.

In 2015, the average raised per student/member using online fundraising was a staggering $121. Compare this to $17, the average raised per student/member in cash.

Estimated additional funds raised through online fundraising

The cost of using the online system is a low 5% + GST of the funds raised online. If you raise $1,750 online, your cost is only $96.25 providing you with a net amount of $1,653.75.

Amount raised through sponsorship brochures Additional funds raised using online fundraising (35%) Cost using online fundraising
(5% + GST)
Net funds raised using online fundraising Total amount raised - sponsorship forms & online fundraising  
$5,000 $1,750 $96.25 $1,653.75 $6,653.75
$10,000 $3,500 $192.50 $3,307.50 $13,307.50
$15,000 $5,250 $288.75 $4,961.25 $19,961.25
$20,000 $7,000 $385 $6,615 $26,615
$25,000 $8,750 $481.25 $8,268.75 $33,268.75
$30,000 $10,500 $577.50 $9,922.50 $39,922.50


Who is your online fundraiser provider partner?

We have developed an online fundraising system with mycause, a reputable online fundraising provider and Australia’s leading online fundraising crowd funding platform. They are experienced with online fundraising collections Australia wide for schools, community groups and charities. Some of the charities they work with are Royal Flying Doctor Service, UNHCR – United Nations, MS Australia, Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.

What are the benefits of using online fundraising?

  • Additional source of income that complements the cash donations from the traditional sponsorship brochures.
  • Participants and their parents can reach out to many more people in a wider community locally, interstate and even internationally to request sponsorship donations.
  • Parents don’t have to solely contribute to the fundraiser.
  • The more money raised by the participants the better prizes they can choose.

How does it work?

  • Once your school/group has registered to use online fundraising, a fundraising page is set up on mycause. It is an easy process.
  • Participants link to your organisation’s online fundraising page via our website and they can create their very own individual online fundraising page.
  • Once they create their fundraising page, the participants can share their unique fundraising link via email and social media requesting support for donations from family and friends, locally, interstate and even overseas.
  • Sponsors donate immediately through the participants fundraising page which is collected on behalf of mycause through their secure portal.
  • All funds raised online are direct deposited into your organisations account less the 5% + GST service fee.
  • The fundraising co-ordinator can easily log into their organisations page on mycause to obtain reports on monies raised by each participant.

What fees are involved?

Mycause charge 5% + GST of the total monies raised raise online. A small outlay for big return!

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 1300 133 022.